About Salt Rock Nippers

Salt Rock Nippers is run completely by volunteers, we love the fact that the parents get as involved as possible, it feels like one big family and at the end of the day it gets us all onto the beach on a Sunday morning to have some fun with our children.

We are not a registered club, we don’t compete and we are not a swimming school. Salt Rock Nippers is perfect for those kiddies who want to improve their confidence in the sea, learn about rips and currents, do a little fitness and have loads of fun, however, children MUST be water safe before attending nippers.

There are so many families moving to our area who know nothing about the ocean and we are passionate about assisting these families stay safe at the beach. We have had many success stories as a result of what we do at nippers and this is why we do it!

About SRN

The Salt Rock Nippers Club was rekindled again on Salt Rock main beach in 2016 when a few local Dads decided to teach their own children about sea safety and respect for the ocean in their own town rather than driving to Durban every weekend for calmer seas.

This small group of kids on the beach every Sunday morning slowly attracted the attention of other parents on the beach who also wished for their children to learn these important lessons. The numbers started to increase and we realised we needed to put some measures in place to ensure the safety of the children who were now under our wing so to speak.

The Salt Rock Nippers Club was born, and along with it came the club rash vests and now the caps. We really do look like a smart club when we are all together as a team on the beach, it’s something we are very proud of.